Church of St Mary and St Gabriel in the Totnes Mission Community

Parochial fees 2018

Weddings (valid from December 2017)

Basic Wedding Service £614.00
Including: wedding service and priest £441,

organist £75, verger £65, calling of Banns £29,

and marriage certificate £4

Additional Fees
Bells £160.00
Choir £160.00
Heating if required (Oct to May) £60.00
Video recording rights and fee £100.00
Additional marriage certificate £10.00

Note: If banns are not required because of an SRC or Licence then £27
 should be deducted from the Basic Wedding Service fee


Short service of baptism  £14

Baptism certificate £14


Funeral service only  £330 (excluding choir and heating)

Funeral + Burial of body at service £633

Funeral + Interment of ashes £494

Interment of ashes only £193

Additional fees:  Heating (when required) £60,   choir £160