Church of St Mary and St Gabriel in the Totnes Mission Community

Church Flower Arrangers

During the major festivals, the church building is decorated throughout with spectacular floral displays. At Easter, after the penitential austerity of Lent, the displays typically use the bright spring flowers of white, blue and yellow colours. At Harvest, the floral displays are of the autumn colours of yellow, orange and red and at Christmas they are the joyful winter colours of red, dark green and gold. At other times, there are floral displays at the altar and in the Lady Chapel. Special arrangements exist for displays at other occasions such as Remembrance Day and, as requested, weddings.

These wonderful displays are created by a team of some twenty talented flower arrangers named by a recent vicar as the Flower Power Ladies! Additional talent is always welcome.

Flowers are expensive, especially at Easter and Christmas, and the nature of the displays are dependent on contributions from the public. For those who wish, a particular display can be created in memory of a loved one whose name will be shown on the display.


Jennie Jones
01803 782641